About DNI

Al Dhahira Nursing Institute is one of 15 nursing and health institutes in Sultanate of Oman. It is located in Al Dhahira Region, Ibri.

Al Dhahira Nursing Institute- Oman- Ibri

Al Dhahira Nursing Institute is located within the campus of Ibri Regional Referral Hospital, Al Dhahira Region. In September 1996, DNI admitted the first batch of students to General Nursing Program (GNP). The institute accepts students from the region’s towns and offers accommodation to those who live further than 60 km.

In 2003, DNI has added the Post-Basic Midwifery (PBM) course as an extension program of the Oman Specialized Nursing Institute (OSNI) following the same curriculum.

The GNP has an annual intake of 35-37 while the PBM program, 15-20.


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